Butternut Squash Soup with Cashew and Russet Apples


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Butternut Squash Soup with Cashew and Russet Apples


Feel Better When You’re Sad Salad




Depressed folks like me do lots of things to make themselves feel better when they can muster the energy. We exercise, we walk, we cry, we take medication, we stop taking medication, we write, we drink, we go out a lot, we stay in and never go out for weeks, we wear lots of make-up, we don’t wash our hair for days at a time, we don’t sleep well, we make good salad! This one is a favourite. All you have to do is pile a bunch of greens on a plate, add avocado, a bit of rice vinegar, some shredded cheese of your choice and then poach one or two eggs. I poach them nearly hard because I don’t like anything too goopy. When the eggs are done I trim them off in the pan into a shape I like (not too much white for me, mostly yolk!) dry them a bit on some paper towel and slide the first one on the salad, on top of the cheese and avocado. Then I add a teeny bit more cheese on the first egg and put the second one on. I garnish with lots of salt and pepper and large walnut pieces broken even further in my hands. I always laugh when I crush the walnuts. I don’t know why. I like the feel of it. A bit of orange or sliced plum would also go in if I had some around, but today I didn’t. Walnuts and egg yolk are both very high in B vitamins which are supposed to cheer everyone up, and any greens you like can be used and those help absorb the vitamins. When I eat this salad I get a nice boost of energy without that dip you might get with a sandwich. You can omit the cheese probably but I need a bit of cheese in my life and it’s nice when it gets all cosy with the egg.

Lydia’s Favourite Tomato Soup

I love soup. I make soup and I expect my children to enjoy it even when it’s hot as Texas. This one is a favourite all year round because it can be served hot or cold. I’m getting old and I’ve decided to add an extra clove of garlic for every year after 39 and you should too!


3 cloves garlic

2 regular cooking onions or three shallots

3 cups chopped tomatoes (skins too!) or one great big can of them

3 cups chicken or veggie stock

1 yellow zucchini

freshly plucked oregano and rosemary to garnish

freshly ground pepper

salt to taste


Saute onions and garlic for 10 minutes on med-low heat. Have fun. Drink some tequila. Throw in the tomatoes when you get really bored. Stir. Add stock at some point. Add chopped YELLOW zucchini  (skin on) near the end.

Wait 5 minutes. Go pee if you need to. Dig up your immersion blender and whip the soup into shape.

Let simmer on low heat for the length of one Strawberry Shortcake video (40 minutes).

Garnish with fresh oregano and rosemary and lots of pepper (and salt too)!

*** This soup is good cold. To make a meal: add raw veggies like thinly sliced carrots, scallions and baby bok choy.